Kimono Rental Flow FAQ

Kimono Rental flow


Please decide the date and time of your choice and make an online reservation.

come to the store

Please use the elevator to go to the 2th floor.If you’re going to be late, send me an email to let me know. Your reservation will be canceled if you are late more than 30minutes.

Choose kimono

Please choose your favorite kimono, belt and bag. If you are not confident in coordination, the staff will advise you. Please do not hesitate to consult us.

Dressing up15min

We will dress quickly and beautifully. Juban and Tabi etc are all free of charge, so please come by hand.

Hair set5~15min

For those with longer hair, for free, we will easily wrap your hair on your hair and put it together. Let’s add hair set to make it beautiful and gorgeous. Even short hair people can make hair up well


Let’s take a commemorative photo for free with your camera or mobile, using a sword, an umbrella and a fan in the studio. Staff will also help you with shooting. Optional studio & location shooting is also available. The picture taken will be handed over by data when you leave.

When going out

We will keep bags and luggage all free of charge. After checking out, please enjoy sightseeing in Asakusa until time. Please return by 6:00 in the evening.


Q. it possible to rent on the day without reservation?

A. Yes. All right. Please feel free to come. Reservation customers take precedence on crowded days.

Q.Which plan should the customer make?

A.If you are wondering what kind to choose, choose the one closest for the time being, and then you can change the plan on the day

Q.Can the customer change or cancel the reservation date?

A. You can change the dates 2 days in advance. Cancellation is free until 2 days before the reservation date (the day before tomorrow), cancellation on the previous day and the day will charge a 100% cancellation fee.

Q.Are there other types of kimonos on the web?

A.Yes, because new kimono comes in sequentially, so many things are available.

Q.If the customer is fat and tall, is this size available?

A.We have a lot of sizes, so it’s okay. Even if it is over 180 cm tall, over 100 cm chest circumference it is okay.

Q.What do customers have to bring to the shop on that day?

A.Please come by hand. Everything necessary for dressing is complete. If you forget your cosmetics, please use it freely. On a cold day, we recommend that you wear heattec and leggings for the inner. It is very convenient to use anti-cold measures when using hot sticker to paste. Haori and shawls are available for a fee.

Q.keeping luggage

A.We will deposit all luggage, including bags for travel, for free. Please use valuable lockers with key.

Q.Can customers wear kimonos on rainy days?

A.Yes, that’s fine. On rainy days, we have available kimonos which are okay to get wet. Please do not worry.

Q.What happens if the customer dirty the kimono?

A.General dirt in washable kimonos is okay. Clothes of silk and large damage will be charged separately.

Q.Is there a parking lot?

A.You can stop the car sideways. There is no parking lot so please use the nearby parking lot.

Q.How much is the return charge outside business hours?

A.Please return by 6:00pm. . Next day return is 2500 yen until 12:00pm. set, hair ornaments

A.If your hair has a certain length, we will use your braised hair to gather your hair. Free. Paid hair set is with flower decorative hair ornaments. Even in short hair, if your hair is up to your shoulders, you can make your hair up. If you wish, you can arrange the partial wigs as well.