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Experienced sticking make up technology!

In television and film shooting, COCOMO has skilled staff to make up many actresses and actors. We always learn genuine technology independently. In order to make your eyes bigger, to make your face smaller, and to show you young, we sometimes use original special makeup with individuality. We resolve inferiority complex and transform it into another person. Especially white painting of OIRAN, MAIKO, GEISYA experience is deep. By applying a little time, the texture will be different. Traditional makeup is very difficult, so those who did not agree with other stores often come to COCOMO for a challenge again. These are also very popular with repeaters.

Geisha Experience


Everyone can rent a kimono in Tokyo at the lowest level

At COCOMO, we will continue to offer at the lowest price so that customers can come close to famous kimono easily. COCOMO has abundant kinds and sizes of kimonos. Walking clothes, adult ceremonial kimono, HAKAMA of graduation ceremony, Shichigosan Kimono kimono, HAIKARA of Taisho Romant, wedding costume, OIRAN, MAIKO, GEISHA, SAMURAI. There are many kinds of KIMONO and YUKATA which are not in other shops. You can enjoy them regardless of age and sex.

Kimono Rental


Dramatic moving・One piece of
a miracle photo

The Japanese style full-scale studio on the 4th floor has a high ceiling and can shoot customers like genuine. We will shoot the studio with the Japanese garden, the drum bridge and the tea room with the background matching KIMONO. You can shoot outdoors with the best points and with the background matching KIMONO and YUKATA. At the Asakusa shrine, a temple, a restaurant.

Samurai Experience
COCOMOのポイント1 路地裏にある隠れ家的なお店

Because we can also use the studio for private use, Taylor Swift, KE $ HA, Jessica Simpson and many other Hollywood stars are visiting us privately and with confidence.

2 雨の日、暑い日、時間のない時でも楽しめる!

You can enjoy kimono experience on rainy days and hot days, and when there is no time for customers. Walking in the kimono is influenced by the weather. For example, you came to Asakusa in your pleasure, but it started to rain. You won’t go out if it is too hot. You have no time on the hard schedule. In these cases, you can shoot freely, at the garden studio, free of charge, using umbrellas, swords, folding fancy accessories.

3 アクセス抜群!街の中心で立地が抜群

It is 30 seconds on foot to Asakusa Temple from here. The location of COCOMO is close to the station, and it is 30 seconds to walk to Asakusa Temple in the center of Asakusa. It is 1 minute from KAMINARIMON and Sumida River. There are many outdoor shooting spots around COCOMO. For example, you are a little puzzled because you are not used to walking with kimonos and yukata. In this case, you can enjoy sightseeing immediately after changing clothes. The location of COCONO is safe to go anywhere.

4 全て女性のスタッフで安心

COCOMO is composed of staff of experienced women of dressing, hair makeup and photographer. We talk a lot with the customer, we will respond carefully so that our customers will feel close to each other and become the desired finish. It is precisely because we care about women's unique attentions and good communication.

5 ワンランク上の充実した設備!全て無料!

There is a locker with a key inside the store so you can safely deposit valuables of brand bags and shoes. You can stroll by kimono rental. We also keep big trunks and strollers for free. This shop also has a washroom with a shower and a toilet with a washlet. There are also hair dryers, hair irons and make-up removers. Even if you forget cosmetic items, you can use even cosmetic products of the highest quality.


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