Flow of Experience FAQ

Flow of Experience


Please decide the date and time and plan you wish to book and send it from the reservation form.
Please let us know by return mail from our shop [temporary reservation] will be
⇒Online booking is here 


Confirmation If the provisional reservation is confirmed, the designated amount of deposit money. Please buy the inner money.
There is a settlement page at the bottom of the plan.


Please come to the 2nd floor with the COCOMO elevator at the date and time you reserved. It is a building with a white Spanish Gaudi style over the public hall.
If you should be late, please call us.It may be canceled if it is delayed significantly.

Hair makeup dressing
About 40min to 60 min.

You will change clothes. We will do makeup and hair set. You wil pick a kimono and you will dress. Before starting make – up, this staff will ask you about images that customers want to be. We will bring it closer to your request.

Studio shooting
About 10 min to 20 min

I will shoot like a model in a relaxed environment with your favorite pose in full studio. Walking & location shooting is also available.

Free shooting

There are mostly studio prohibited from taking self-shooting, but COCOMO is equipped with free space. About 10 minutes I can take pictures with my camera or mobile. If you are coming by yourself, our staff will be happy to assist you.

Make-up Remover

Drop makeup on washbasin with shower. For whitening makeup, drop the back and face with milk cleansing and hot towel. Please be assured we can drop it easily.

Picture delivery

We will hand you the photos and data you fixed for your skin when you leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.I can not decide which type of makeover. I am at a loss of options

A.If you are wondering what type of transformation you are lost, choose the closest one and change the type on that day. The option can be the same day. We can not change the plan basically, but if time is available, it is possible to upgrade.

Q.I am fat, my body is big, but will kimono be at COCOMO?

A.We have big size so it’s okay. A height of 180 cm or more, even if exceeding a bust 120 cm is safe.

Q.Can children also transform?

A.Yes. It’s okay. Anyone from 1 year old to 95 years old can enjoy it. Make-up, Maiko plan, Oiran plan etc are possible from about 5 years old.

Q.Can I choose a kimono, can I preview the kimono in advance?

A.There are many kinds, so please choose your favorite kimono on that day, the charge will not change. Also, we will refuse preliminary inspection and tours because here is a private space of the customer who has been transformed.

Q.Can men also transform into Maiko or flower pattern, even women can transform into samurai or kabuki?

A.You can use all plans regardless of gender. Many people come with women like samurai, kabuki, men like flower sight, Maiko, etc. by themselves. Because it is a home shop, I think that you can come without hesitation.

Q.Can you devise my double eyelid, a single eyelid , or a small eyes,?

A.We use eye tapes, eyelash lashes, devise the angle to draw eye lines, and solve your complex.

Q.Can I take pictures during makeup or wearing? Can I shoot with my camera?

A.We are very sorry, but during dressing while making up, it will be fine work and may cause other customers’ inconvenience, so we will refuse shooting outside of free time. After the work is finished, you can shoot freely about 10 minutes in the free shooting space. If you wish to take a special transformational course, you will be charged with an optional charge.

Q.How many days in advance can I make a reservation? I am worried that the reservation will be full.

A.Your reservation is OK from 3 months in advance. The best way of taking your reservation is about one month to about a week ago. You can experience kimono if there is free even on that day.

Q.About changing and canceling reservation date

A.You can change the dates 8 days in advance. Cancellation will be charged 7 to 3 days before the reservation date 30% 2 days ago , 50% the previous day, or the day 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

Q.What should I bring on the day?

A.Please come by hand. Everything necessary for dressing is complete. If you are using make-up hard lenses, please bring a case. Those whitening makeup should wear underwear that is empty of your back. Please bring cosmetics after dropping makeup.

Q.Can I take a stroll on a rainy day?

A.We have umbrellas on rainy days. There is a taste and you can have fun. Please do not worry.

Q.Can a person with me take a tour while preparing, while I take a picture?

A.Only one or Two persons guest can take a tour. If you are crowded, you may have to wait at the waiting area for men’s accompanying guests. Also, please wait for a lot of families and friends at neighboring teahouses. After shooting, you can shoot with free space, so please come over at the free time after the studio shooting.

Q.Is there a parking lot?

A.We do not have a parking lot.

Q.About dropping makeup

A.You can easily drop it with cleansing milk cream and hot towel. Cleansing, lotion, hair dryer, towels are available.

Q.When can I have photos? Can you fix it?

A.On the day, we will hand you the photos you modified on your way back.