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Inside the store

Powder Room

Wash basin

A dressing room


Free shooting space

Full-scale studio





Business hours

<Business hours>


<All year >

open all year round


2F 1-29-8 Asakusa Taitouku Tokyo


<Directions >

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
2 min by walk from Exit1

Tsukuba Express (TX)
2 min by walk from Exit A1

Tobu Railway Sky Tree Line
3min by walk from Main EX

Asakusa Line
3min by walk from ExitA4

<What should I do if I get lost.・・・>

That’s next to this Asakusa Public hall.The distance around the Asakusa Public halll is about 1 min

1 kimono sign

2 Moriginn

3  Daikokuya

4 samurai.H

5 Caricature

6 Kamaboko

7 Record

8 koyanag

Go around a Public hall.